Coaching sessions focus on structure, timing, organisational techniques and clear communication, all of which must be mastered in order to succeed.

Case Study

I begin by explaining a strategy for the Case Study test. Almost all candidates write reports on a regular basis in their daily work, but this test is different due to the very restricted time, the unfavourable computer set-up and software and the pressure of a test. A strategy is needed to produce a report/text that can gain a satisfactory evaluation in the time available. A CS exercise is set as ‘homework’ to be reviewed at the second session. This CS is normally sent to me by email in advance so that, before we meet, I can already form some ideas about how it might be improved.

Usually at least one week after the first session, we meet again to consider the CS that you have completed under near-exam conditions since the last meeting. We consider how the strategy has worked and how it may need to be adapted for you since everyone works in a slightly different way. Often it is useful to rewrite or restructure the first CS so as to have a clear idea of what a better report/text might have looked like. Following this, a second CS is set and the process is repeated, although it may be that there is much less to discuss and it may not even be worthwhile meeting to review the text of this second CS. In this case, I send comments by email. You can then write other CSs during the weeks that follow until you feel confident in applying the strategy by the time of the test.


In the new EPSO competition structure, the interview is no longer part of the selection process leading to the Reserve List, but is in the hands of each EU institution after the Reserve List has been drawn up. There is no specific structure to these interviews, but there is good reason to believe that they will be similar to the oral exam presently used in the Internal Competitions. This may also involve a short presentation on an EU policy or institution. I shall continue to offer coaching for this type of interview for both Open and Internal Competitions.

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